'I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of Sydney's top professional musicians'

Professional Career

Nando maintains an active performing career having played with dozens of artists and bands over the years, both locally and abroad.


He is currently a member of The Beatle Boys and Paul McCartney International Tribute Shows. 

Over the last couple of years he has been performing to sell-out crowds across Australia 


The Beatle Boys, Paul McCartney - An International Tribute, Australian Blues Bros Show, Beatles Magic, Bop Til U Drop, Shannon Noll, Everyday People Band, The Hit Machine, The Honeybees, Nikka Costa, The Soul Committments, The Beatnix, Abbamania, Beehive Or Else, Australian Prince Show, Bitta Sweet, Baby Loves To Cha Cha, Jonahs Road, Aleesha Rome , Running Blue, The Dreadnoughts, Tequila Sunrise, Latin Fire, Robbie Krupski, Chartbusters, Australian Inxs Show, Powerhouse, Latin Fire, Luke O'Neil Group, Funkyard, Jim Gannon Band, Amanda Easton, Leigh McRae, Yolanda Thomas, Michael Carpenter,Spy's Web, Supernatural , Australian Madonna Show, Too Many Guitars, Instant Karma, Michelle Rounds Band, Diva, Kings Road, Roy Pachi, Millenium Bug, The Tom Jones Experience, Jasmine Tezel Band 


Rex Goh, Jim Gannon, Louie Shelton, Peter Northcote, Dave Dwyer, Eric Johns, Jamie Wilson, Grant Taylor, Chris Kamzelas, Eric Rasmussen 

Bass Players

Phil Scorgie, Mark Costa, Chris Soulos, Justin Dileo, Jackie Orzacsk, Craig Calhoun, Cameron Lees, Christian Dunham, Harry Brus, Sanjesh Singh, Ralph Marshall 


Barry Leef, Erana Clarke, Lily Dior, Doug Williams, Cheryl Webb, Tina Harrod, Nikka Costa, Shannon Noll, Diane Solomon, Robbie Krupski, Alex Smith, Evelyn Duprai, Simone Dee, Amanda Easton, Yolanda Thomas, Robyn Loau, Lisa Ohlback, Mitchell Anderson 


Bill Risby, Jamie McKinley, Paul Verma, Marty Love, Tim Wedde 


Mike Bukovsky, Graham Jesse, Paul Thorne, Paul Panichi, Craig Walters, James Greening, Steve Giordano, Sandy Evans, Casey Greene, Lynda Bacon 

National Tours

with Australian Symphony Orchestra (George Ellis Conductor)

Beatles Orchestrated 2016

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane,Gold Coast

Beatles Orchestrated 2017

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast